April 27th, 1898

Sanitarium Health Food Agency was officially registered in Melbourne, Australia, and produced Australia’s first batch of ready-to-eat breakfast cereal.

May, 1899

Sanitarium set up the first factory in New South Wales, Australia.

December, 1900

Sanitarium New Zealand branch company opened in Christchurch.


Sanitarium started the first veggie diner in Sydney, Australia.


Sanitarium started to produce the biscuit-shape wholegrain breakfast cereal, and literally defined the Australian & New Zealand breakfast in the nearly 90 years to come.


Sanitarium produced the first batch of Marmite in Australia, an iconic spread in Australia and New Zealand.

During the WWII in 1940s

Weet-Bix was shipped in big batch to front line and became the official supplier of the Australia soldiers.


Edmund Hilary from New Zealand became the first person ever to climb to the top of the Mt. Everest. The breakfast he had during the climb was Sanitarium cereal.


So Good was launched by Sanitarium and has been the leading brand in Australian and New Zealand soymilk market ever since.


Sanitarium started Kids TRYathlon, a nationwide event in Australia & New Zealand, and later on the largest kids triathlon in the world.


UP&GO, the first liquid breakfast in the world, was launched by Sanitarium in Australia and New Zealand.


An online poll of 16,000 people in 2006 identified Sanitarium as Australia’s favorite trademark.


Sanitarium was voted the Most Trusted Breakfast Food in Australia and New Zealand in an independent consumer survey, and has maintained the honor until today.


Sanitarium officially entered into China market.

December, 2016

Sanitarium announced the launch of Nutri-Brex in China. Nutri-Brex is identical in taste, quality, raw materials and production method and is made in the same Sanitarium factories.